hi ! im marvel or vel 🪱 @lunsoldier 's priv
they xe prns only masc & neutral terms minor 17 aroace · syshost req? ok!

byrq request only with priv or mainpriv, i don’t use tws/cws, no ss without my consent or block, kys and kms jokes, aggressives and homosexuals qrt, sb to unfollow, i mostly talk in spa, curse a lot, really noisy, spam a lot.

dni dni basic criteria, ss to my tweets, if you support, chris pratt/sophia di martino/loki series, xenophobia against roma and jewish wanda, i’ve declined ur req twice or more, i must have my reasons 🤨

note sometimes i don't expect words of compassion for my depressive posts, if my tweets don't make sense it's fine, it must be cuz of my disorders ( did +avpd )

content warning mentions of disociation and depression, mostly rants and vent, priv qrts, occasionally a hate page... i'm usually in the hospital and i write about it.

i'm obsessed WITH oscar isaac ♡ elliot page, tom hiddleston, daniel bruhl, marvel #mitski, art, comics.

now playing ♪ Running Up That Hill ⭒

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